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Blackjack Ballroom

Blackjack Ballroom is owned by the ITS Limited Group, who are also the owner of the Captain Cooks Casino. Blackjack Ballroom is now in its sixth year of operation and has built up an iconic reputation as one of the best and most successful online casinos in the gambling world.

Membership of the Blackjack Ballroom is considered a matter of prestige and entitles the casino’s playing members to have the privilege of transferring the points they earn to any of the Carson Rewards associated casinos the world over.

Blackjack BallRoom Casino Protects & its Rules and Regulations
The Blackjack Ballroom protects its reputation vigorously through the responsible and fair gaming policies it has adopted and adheres to all the governing rules and regulations of the gambling industry.

Blackjack BallRoom Casino Licensed by
Blackjack Ballroom is a licensed body and its professional association with the international institutions such as the Kahnawakee Gaming Commission, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) ensures that the quality and professionalism with which it operates, does not falter at any time.

Blackjack BallRoom Casino Help sector
All the Blackjack Ballroom games are powered by the most advanced MicroGaming technology with outstanding graphics, sound quality and easy to download programs from the net. To assist you with in depth information about the games you can play online at Blackjack Ballroom, you can refer to our help sector where you will be provided with all the detailed information you would need.

•Blackjack Ballroom offers more than 190 games online, which can be download with ease.
•Blackjack Ballroom offers many “perks”, including the Casino Rewards whereby a 40% match bonus that sums up to 400 $ is offered to new members.
•Blackjack Ballroom allows players to place their bets from their bonus accounts or to transfer their bonus points to their cash accounts.
•Blackjack Ballroom has one of the most efficient 24/7 customer support systems to courteously and immediately address all your queries with regard to the casino; besides this, Blackjack Ballroom also has one of the most comprehensively complete FAQ’s online facility.
•Blackjack Ballroom also promotes various innovative and interesting programs from time to time that greatly benefit its members.
•Blackjack Ballroom has surpassed all other online casinos in terms of payouts.

Blackjack BallRoom Casino Guarantee
The reputation of Blackjack Ballroom has been guaranteed through the support and guidance it continually gets from the International Gaming Council of which it is also a member.

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